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Truck Show

Thank you to all that came to the
truck show this year!
| Posted: 9/26/13

2013 Outings Planned!

April - Silver Lake Sand Dunes 4/20/13
May - Royal Blue, KY 5/25/13
June - Rocks and Valleys 6/15/13
July - Traverse City 7/20/13
August - Drummond Island 8/24/13
September - Show and Shine 9/14/13
October - Silver Lake 10/19/13
November - Hayride 11/2/13
December - Christmas Party 12/7/13
| Posted: 4/15/13

About Us

We are a suburban Detroit-based club established in 1965. We currently have over twenty families involved, with members of all ages. We are a family-oriented club that enjoys trail riding, camping and other social events. The only qualification to join is to be interested in four-wheel drive vehicles. Activities we participate in include four-wheel outings most months, technical sessions and contributions to charity.

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